Saturday, March 1, 2014

Custom Made Flower Crown

Hi there. It's been awhile! Okay I know this was a preloved blog shop, but I've upgraded it to a new blog shop which I also sell new stuff, handmade ones.

I have found my new passion, making flower crowns! I have never thought I would be selling them, but the first time I put up a photo of my first ever flower crown, people asked for price. That's a good sign, I thought. So I have put my skills to a good use.

More and more people asked for the price and wanted to buy from me. I eventually agreed to sell them!

I started to search on the internet and found really pricey ones on the internet. Hence I got this idea to make it cheaper so more people could enjoy the majestic feelings of wearing a flower crown, cuz everyone deserves a crown! I have always obsessed with crowns, so this is perfect, you know.

So I made a custom-made ones, you can ask for any design you want, and I can craft them! With my signature touch, of course.

Text/WhatsApp/Email me for orders! All of these are custom made.

One of the first I made-rm12

My personal fav - RM25



Pastel - RM25


Elastic band flower crown - RM12

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

H&M Oxford Platforms


Brand : H&M Dividen

Condition  : Worn twice. In a perfect condition. The soles are very clean, like never worn before.

Size : 36

Description : Oxford shoes, the outer material is velvet-ish. Pointy front and platforms bottom.

Price : RM80

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Knitted Top with Fur

Size : Free Size 

Condition :  Worn once.

Description : Broad neck top with fur at the sleeves. Very good material, warmth the body. Suitable for (travelling to place in) cold season, or special occasion.

Price : RM28

Stripes Colorful Top

Size :  Free size

Condition :  Good

Description : Stretchy material, very colorful and cheerful-ish.

Price : RM13

White Padini Three-Quarter Sleeves Top

Brand : Padini Authentics

Size :  S

Condition :  Very good. Never worn.

Description : Buttons for display only, not functioning. 

Price:  RM18

Turtle Neck Top

Size : S petite

Description : Turtle neck tops with puffy sleeves. 

Price : RM11